GSBDC Assists Tronser, Inc. with Equipment Purchase

Posted 02.01.07

Loan: GSBDC Revolving Loan Fund

Tronser, Inc., located in the Trush Industrial Business Park in Cazenovia, NY, was established in 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfred Tronser GmbH in Engelsbrand, Germany. Michael Tronser and Johannes Tronser are joint owners and managers of the company.

Originally Tronser, Inc. functioned as an assembler of capacitor components which were imported from their German parent company. However, in 2004, Tronser established a five-year plan to develop their manufacturing capacity. Tronser now manufactures trimmers and variable capacitors and a variety of other precision machined components that are utilized in telecommunications and medical equipment applications.

Previously, the Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board and the Madison County Industrial Development Agency have provided financing for several of Tronser’s machines. Since both organizations provided the maximum loan amount permitted to an individual company, the financing request was referred to the Greater Syracuse Business Development Corporation (GSBDC).

GSBDC approved a $75,000 loan from their Revolving Loan Fund for a five-year term at a below-market, fixed-rate. This loan was used to finance the purchase of Tronser’s sixth CNC (computer numerically controlled) Swiss style screw machine, which has already been installed and is in production. The CNC machine is designed for tight tolerance turning and is capable of high speed production.

Tronser, Inc. currently employs eight and expects to create at least two new jobs as a result of this project.